The Meaning of a Chocolate Diamond

Brown diamonds are authentic diamonds that have a color to them. This color ranges from lighter shades of champagne and cognac to darker shades of deep brown. As with all colored diamonds, these luscious sounding gems are referred to as fancy diamonds, and are evaluated by the same 4 C’s (color, carat, cut, and clarity) as all diamonds.

Chocolate Diamonds, By Le Vian

Back in the year 2000, the jewelry company Le Vian came up with the brilliant marketing idea to coin the name “Chocolate Diamond” to describe the most luscious, rich brown colored diamonds. This was the start of taking what had not been all that popular, into a super fashionable trend that is highly sought after.  Now women of all ages search for genuine Le Vian chocolate diamonds for their engagement rings and other precious jewelry.

The Meaning of Gemstones

Many people through history have attributed meanings to different types of gemstones. The symbolism can relate to the cut and shape of the stone, the type of stone, and the color of the stone.loose_brown_diamond_gemstone

Different meanings have significance in a variety of ways, such as healing or medicinal powers, representing a person’s personality and behavior, astrological significance, and how it is interpreted in popular culture.

What’s in a Name

I don’t know about you, but for me, anything that can be described by both the words “diamond” and “chocolate” has got to be fabulous. It immediately conjures up the idea that the meaning of a chocolate diamond, whether in a chocolate diamond engagement ring or other jewelry, has to do with a craving for something rich, exquisite, and perhaps just a little bit daring or even forbidden – which for many makes it more attractive still. Let’s explore this idea a bit more.

Diamond Gemstone Meanings

Diamonds of all colors have been the most sought after gems for thousands of years, and wearing them in jewelry and crowns can be trace to royalty in the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Through the years, owning and adorning diamond jewelry has taken on various representations. And the family of brown diamonds, including chocolate diamonds, is no exception. Some of the characteristics that have been attributed to diamonds include:

  • Symbolize love and beauty
  • Represent purity
  • Provide inner peace and clarity
  • Build self-respect
  • Have magical powers, including enhancing powers of other gemstones

Symbolism of Brown Diamond Jewelry

Along with the other diamond symbolism, the color brown has its own connotations. Brown gemstones, including chocolate diamonds, represent harmony, stability, confidence and dependability. Le Vian chocolate diamond rings and other brown diamond rings have a special kind of beauty. They exemplify an earthy, down-to-earth practicality, that is yet elegant and tasteful.

And they continue to grow in status and notability as more and more celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Pink, Halle Berry, and Rihanna, are spotted wearing every shade of brown diamond rings and other jewelry at parties and televised events.

Chocolate Diamond Engagement Rings Meaning

Let’s face it. The majority of women still choose clear diamonds for their engagement ring. It takes a special personality to step away from classic look and select something that is contrary to tradition.

Women who choose a Le Vian chocolate diamond engagement ring have a solid level of confident in themselves. They are self-assured, adventurous in trying new things, and open to unexpected surprises life has to offer.

By choosing something unique and less common than the traditional clear diamond, chocolate diamond rings certainly stand out and attract attention because they are not the norm. Yet although brown diamonds are less not flashy, they can be equally or even more bold and dramatic.

Combined with other gems such as clear diamonds and aquamarines, these beautiful stones can create an especially elegant look for an engagement ring or a fashion ring.